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In the 1970's, Bob and Eloise Wallace guided the construction of the area's first mausoleum.  The original building (Chapel) holds 400 crypts. The buildings to the left and right of the chapel each hold 280 crypts.  A fourth building located behind the chapel was completed in 2006 and holds 480 crypts.   Throughout the mausoleum, there are 232 cremation niches.


The chapel is in the main building of the mausoleum.  It features a stained glass window depicting "Jesus, the Good Shepherd."  The chapel is shaped in a cross, with wings on either side of the stained glass window.  The mausoleum chapel offers the ability to conduct visitations and funeral services or a private setting for families to meet and reflect on deceased loved ones.  Community events are also held in the chapel, such as a Sunrise Service with local churches on Easter Morning.

Crypts range in price from *$4,200.00 to *$5,700.00
Cremation niches range from *$1,500.00 to *$1,800.00

*Price subject to change without notice.  Call for current prices


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