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Monuments & Markers

A monument is one of the most important decisions a family will make when remembering a loved one. Monuments are made in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes.  Every monument or marker is designed especially for the individual's personality in mind. These monuments can be engraved with personal interests such as a favorite sport, hobby, and/or quote.   When choosing Wallace Memorial Cemetery, we can share ideas with you that will help create the perfect monument for your loved one.  

Below are some of monument colors. 

Please call to find out the availablity of your color choice.


Monument Colors.png
Monument Colors 2.png

Wallace Memorial Cemetery is an agent for Sears Monument Company (West Virginia's Largest Monument Dealer) and we will work with you to custom design a monument that best represents your loved one.

Below are some examples of some marker and upright stones.

Flat Marker

Flat Markers.png

Single Upright Monument

Single Upright Monuments.png

Double Upright Monument

Double Upright Monuments.png

Double Upright Monument

Unique Upright Monuments.png

Wallace Memorial offers a wide selection of monument vases. Each style vase comes in a variety of colors to match your monument. Vases can be installed when purchasing a new monument or even a monument already located in our cemetery.  Contact us today so we can consult you on the possibility of installing vases on your monument.


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